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Dmitriy Krutogoloviy

Date of Birth: 12/04/1988

Pianist, composer.

He returned from 3 years

1993 - Admission to the Central Music School at the Moscow Conservatory. PI Tchaikovsky, Preparatory Department (Central Music School at CIM Tchaikovsky)

1995 - 1-st Class Central Music School, a teacher of piano - Farida Ibragimovna Nurizade

1999 - Lessons of jazz improvisation in the People's Artist of Russia Daniel Kramer

2002 - Master class of the People's Artist of the USSR, Professor MGK Tikhon Nikolayevich Khrennikov

2003 - Master-class composer and professor of CIM Tatiana Chudovo

2006 - The end of the Central Music School, with honors, entering the first number in the CIM class of special piano People's Artist of Russia Professor Michael Resurrection.

2006 - Optional studying composition at the class of Tatiana Chudovo

This time - a student of his 4-course of the Moscow Conservatory. PI Tchaikovsky.

Awards and competitions

1997 - First Prize of the International Composers' Competition in Moscow, conducted by the Third Artiada Russia

1997 - The Third Prize of the International Competition for Young Pianists in Rome, conducted by the Association of Chopin (AFC)

1997 - Prize of the President of Russia

1998 - Fellow of the Ministry of Culture of Russia

1998 - Scholarship Fund "New Names"

1998 - Winner of first prize of the International Piano Competition. Nikolai Rubinstein in Paris

2001 - First Prize and special prize for the performance of his own composition of the International Piano Competition in Athens (Konzerteum)

2001 - Fellow of the International Charitable Fund of Vladimir Spivakov

2001 - Member of the charity program "Children help children", carried out with the support of the International Society "Promotion of Arts and dedicated to help young patients to the hospital of Samara

2002 - First Place International Competition for composers and improvisers "Crystal Tuning Fork"

2002 - Secondary Prize has been awarded the President of Russia

2002 - Winner of the Second Moscow festival dedicated to the works of the People's Artist of the USSR and Russia Tikhon Khrennikov

2002 - Scholarship Fund "Russian Performing Art"

2005 - Third Prize International Piano Competition in Rome (AFC)

2006 - Second Prize International Piano Competition. Nikolai Rubinstein in Paris

2007-2008 as part of a trio - the winner of international competitions chamber ensembles them. Gaydamovich (Magnitogorsk, 2007, III prize), they are. Taneyev (2008, III prize, special prize Tatiana Gaydamovich)

2008 - Winner of the first of the Moscow Festival. Alexei Stanchinsky for professional excellence and artistic execution of the program at the Festival, and maintenance of a musical heritage and strengthen cultural ties between the regions of Russia