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Reviews of concerts and performances, supported by the Fund

1.Feedback concert Foundation Fellows 29 March 2010
the Chamber Hall of the Moscow Philharmonic

It is like a concert. Directing. Interesting arrangement.
Tempe concert. All left the impression that today the music Dunaevskij, Isaac, and Maxim, brings joy.
Thank Dunajevs'kogo Fund, which provides remarkable new talent and displays them on a musical expanse of high level.

Zinaida Gordon (viewer)
April 17, 2010

2.Feedback concert Foundation Fellows 29 March 2010
the Chamber Hall of the Moscow Philharmonic

It was an unusual musical event. In the Chamber Hall of the Moscow State Philharmonic Foundation for Cultural Programs to them. Dunayevsky held a concert: "Dunayevsky - Father and Son.
Admirers and legendary music of remarkable composers of the unique dynasty could see and hear music Dunayevsky. See, because the organizers of the concert music accompanied Isaac Dunaevskiy thread snippets from famous movies. Except for some failures (as with excerpts from the Captain at Fifteen ") turned out amazing dialogue, music and screen. Emotional and sensitive, inspiring. The very method of mounting the music and the screen - transforms the music program for a select few in this high mainstream. These types of concerts - a good music quality and performance for the widest audience - now devoid of our scene.

I think that in this concert artistic leader Commons Alle Lander was the main thing. Joining together the past and present, nostalgia and modernity. The young performers - and soloists, and musicians - have tried to animate the famous melody in its own intonation, good, but a modern interpretation (this helped and decent arrangements).
The concert, obviously demonstrated often forget our property of continuity of the Russian musical school. The traditions of the classical (not like the word "light") music of Isaac Dunajevs'kogo developed and reinterpreted his son, composer Maxim Dunayevsky. A talented young performers took this baton. So, music Dunaevski will live tomorrow. And how well that thanks to the efforts of the Fund, helping to train young singers, will appear more and more brilliant performers, this music can convey to the listener.

Doctor of Arts, "Novaya Gazeta",
Larissa Malyukova
April 15, 2010

3. Feedback concert Foundation Fellows 29 March 2010
the Chamber Hall of the Moscow Philharmonic


It was at the concert March 29 at the Chamber Hall KZCH. The first thing you noticed a large number of listeners, the entire hall is filled with (and it is now a rarity).
The concert took place in the same breath, the program was built well, it was clear from the reaction of the hall. Music both surprised and delighted. It seems to me that it is such concerts are very interesting and caused a lively response from listeners! The beautiful melodies that are familiar, unusual sound, a stunning process, in Enforcement of young talented musicians who not only sing, they live this music! No doubt they can expect a great future!
Many thanks to the organizers of the concert and the project manager Alla Lander!
I got a lot of fun.
By the way, these concerts promoting high culture in society.

Sincerely, Alia (viewer)
April 9, 2010

4. Feedback concert Foundation Fellows 29 March 2010
the Chamber Hall of the Moscow Philharmonic

I admire the very idea of the concert and the quality of professional skill of performers of the concert program "Dunaevski: Father and Son", organized by the Fund on March 29 at the Chamber Hall of the Moscow Philharmonic.
The concert sounded the famous melodies of Isaac and Maxim Dunaevski in the most unexpected instrumentation. Fellows Fund - young musicians, students and students of the leading metropolitan musical institutions clearly, enthusiastically and artistically performed popular songs in the instrumental tunes arranged for classical instruments (most often, we know examples where the opposite arrange classics in a contemporary style).
The idea of the program provided an opportunity for artists to open up not only as a talented soloists, but also as a sensitive ensemble.
Special thanks to the author of the program, Artistic Director of the Fund - Alla Isaakovna Lander, which has managed not only to inspire the children the very idea of a concert, but also to build the evening so that the audience is left feeling the integrity of the program, although composed of individual rooms.
Each room has been carefully thought out: from the visual appearance (on the stage hung a plasma screen on which broadcast footage from the film, the music of which was played in concert) and elegant form soloists up remarkably accurate performance of not only the necessary occupational tasks, but also create vivid artistic images.
I would very much like to continue this cycle! Such programs are very much needed today's viewers!

Maria (viewer) March 30, 2010