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Artur Naziullin entered the 10 promising new generation of clarinetists, the results of an independent statistics of the International Association clarinetists.

Born in 1988 in Ufa (Bashkortostan Rep.).

From 5 years old he began studying music.

In 1995-2001 studied at the Special Music School-Lyceum at UGAI them. Ismagilova.

In 2002 transferred to the Special Music School-Lyceum at the Kazan State Conservatory named. Zhiganova.

In 2004 transferred to the Graduate College of Music at the Moscow State Conservatory. Tchaikovsky (class of People's Artist of Russia Professor R. O. Baghdasaryan.)

He is currently a student at the Moscow State Conservatory. PI Tchaikovsky (class of Professor R. O. Baghdasaryan) and the Higher School of Music g.Lyubek (Germany, the class professors Sabine Meyer, Reiner Wehle).

He participated in master classes with Karl-heinz Steffens (Germany),
Jacques Di Donato (France), Michel Marang (Netherlands), Charles Neidich (USA).

Is the winner of the contest: All-Russia competition of woodwind instruments (II prize, Novosibirsk, 2002),

The winner of contest "New Names" and winner of the prize "Talent" from the company
«Sterling group» (Moscow, Khanty-mansiiysk, 2004)

Winner of International Competition clarinetists (I Prize, Moscow, 2005)

Winner of International Competition clarinetists (I Prize, Vancouver, Canada, 2007.)


  1. "New Names"
  2. "Russian Performing Art"
  3. Foundation Maxima Dunaevskogo "
  4. «International Apogee Foundation» (New York).

The musician has collaborated with such orchestras as:

  1. Moscow Symphony Orchestra,
  2. Hamburg Symphony Orchestra,
  3. Staatskapelle Halle (Germany),
  4. Victoria symphony (Canada),
  5. Lisbon sinfonietta (Portugal)
  6. Antalia state orchestra (Turkey).

and also collaborated with musicians such as:

  1. Yuri Simonov
  2. M. Gorenstein,
  3. D. Matsuev,
  4. F. Mansurov,
  5. R. Urasin,
  6. Danilov,
  7. K. Steffens,
  8. T. Songur,
  9. T. Miller, and many others.

He has given concerts in Germany, France, Poland, Portugal, Canada, Turkey, Czech Republic, Netherlands, USA, Saudi Arabia.

 Participated in the festivals:

  1. "Stars in the Kremlin" (Moscow),
  2. "Musical Kremlin" (Moscow),
  3. «Crescendo» (St.-Petersburg, Kaliningrad)
  4. «International Solo Festival of Apogee Foundation» (New York, USA),
  5. «International Chamber Music Festival» (Izmir, Turkey),
  6. "Days of Mozart in Istanbul (Turkey)
  7. "Bohemian Festival in Prague (Czech Republic)
  8. «Clarinet Fest» (Vancouver, Canada)
  9. «King arts Festival» (Riyadh, Saudi Arabia),
  10. «Clarinet Fest» (Porto, Portugal).

Magazine «Der Spiegel» 2007 - "The depth of performance and emotion, masterful possession of the instrument and artistry - these traits are inherent in the game of the young, talented singer Arthur Naziullina.

Gazette Musicale "Playing from the beginning" in July 2008, named Arthur Naziullina one of the best, to date, young clarinetists not only Russia but also worldwide.

Newspaper "Al-Jazeera in 2009:" The game Arthur Naziullina at the Royal Festival
"Dzhinaderiya" aroused a storm of applause and admiration from the Arab public, among whom were the first person in the country "(Riyadh, Saudi Arabia).